Thursday, March 5, 2009

dude.... where's my car....?

vehicle shopping with this economic situation is beyond frustrating.... i remember when i could go with ZERO down and walk away with a brand new car for payments of about 300 a month for a 48 month term. you know, you can't even BEG someone to let you give them money for a car... banks don't wanna finance because of all the BS that goes on and everyone is too stingy to sell their 86 honda POS for less than 5grand. GIMME A BREAK.

i miss the days.....

on another note.... Edyn is suuuuuuuper active and doing great. 94th percentile with her height of 31 inches!!! Dr. Lacey says she is doing just great! and that makes me happy :)

being happy and healthy is most important... we might be a little poor these days (poor to me is I can't buy the Chanel shades i want.... haha jk) but at least we are happy and healthy.... and soooooo blessed. :)

o and i am smart too. all As so far :) not to brag but after 10 years of STRUGGLING in school, it is nice to actually have good grades... so nursing school is looking pretty good right about now :) and Dion's work is going great.... he is moving up and learning a lot... we have been very fortunate and I thank God for that.

sorry for the rambling - gotta shed some frustration somewhere and as a SAHM with NO CAR..... ok done :).... gotta post some pics of this baby but i can't keep her still!!!!!!! :)

xoxo Mommy T

Monday, February 23, 2009

sooooo early....

Edyn has now realized that Daddy leaves for work at 5:15.... AM..... and she cries and sobs, it is the most sad thing!! and what is even sadder is that is what time we have to start the day.... not to mention, Edyn hates naps. It has been quite interesting.

The vehicle search has been anything but fun. One deal was very promising but the people at this particular dealership need to begin communicating before I run in and punch them in the forehead and run out. One guy says come in and sign the papers, one says we need a larger down payment, one says who are you??? And did I mention we have been doing business with these people since my GRANDFATHER was buying vehicles... it is just ridiculous. Anyway.... hoping for an SUV since my husband thinks that the Fusion is just fantastic. I don't wanna drive it anymore. BOO.

Taking Edyn to see her favorite person today, Dr. Lacey (so sarcastic!!) He is soooooooo great, the BEST pediatrician... he is really caring toward the little ones and just so nice and polite. But E has to get some boosters and I am sure she will be not happy to see him.... :(

Well.... it's off to Gabba land.....

xoxoMommy T

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

snotty noses are sad.....

so we had to take E to the doctor today after a LOOOOOONG night..... she was so sad and had the highest fever!!! anyway... I won't make this a long post but she is doing much better tonight... good ol Dr. Lacey says it is probably just a cold, but of course because she was a preemie and her mommy has a lovely heart condition.... we have to be safe.

anywhoooo..... yay for E!!! :)


Monday, February 16, 2009

it's been a minute....

I'm sure those of you with kids understand.... Edyn has been crawling/walking/chasing the dogs/giving her mommy a good cardio workout...... it is hectic! She finally grew out of her swing... which she is super sad about... and I think we will be getting a big girl car seat soon... She is wearing 12-18months which I find weird because she was 2 months early and only 5 pounds.... hmm.... I bet she will have her momma's height. :)

We started teching her baby sign language, I know it might be a little late, but better late than never right?? She seems to understand some of it which really takes a lot of the stress off of both of us I think!

School is going super well so far, I am hoping for another 4.0 so I can get to where I wanna be.... MRS. TRICIA PA. :)

Other than that.... got clearance to workout again, my echocardiogram looked much better (thank you LORD).... now to get to the gym... :)


Mommy T

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

yummy wrapping paper!

her pretty dress :)

the best family pic i was able to get...

So I am a little late getting back to this... I guess with blogging I should be posting more than just every two weeks. I see some blogs that post everyday... but most of it seems so redundant and trivial... well maybe that is what a blog is! :)

Anyway, Edyn really enjoyed Christmas... as much as an eight month old can anyway... She got way too many toys and of course they are all huge, but we have just about finished turning the formal dining into a playroom so now we have a place to put our abundance of giant toys. The playroom is great and when I start school back in two weeks I think it will come in incredibly handy.

We should be making our visit with Edyn's pediatrician near the end of this month. Hope all is well in that department! She really seems to be moving along well considering how early she was. She is gaining weight and reaching milestones. She is starting to pull up on everything which is leading to some bumps and bruises, and instead of crawling she is scooting... she always HATED tummy time.

Thanks for checking in with us all.... I will do my best to be a better blogger! :)

Mommy T
Also there are a few of Edyn's Christmas pics... she really enjoyed the Spongebob wrapping paper... and when I say enjoyed, I mean she enjoyed eating it... :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Excuse us.... we are new here....


Ok since we have a baby.... and friends and family that live outside of Dallas... we are gonna try this blogging thing to update everyone. I enjoy reading blogs... it is a guilty pleasure really... so maybe everyone will enjoy these updates, pics, videos, whatever I can figure out to put on here really....


-Mommy T

The Settles
Dion, Tricia, and Baby Edyn